A New December To Remember

Salam and hi everyone.

Hola... akhirnya kita dah masuk bulan December 2020.

What a year we've been going through this year. With Covid-19 around, it is really a challenging and adventurous life. Just another month, then wallaa welcome to 2021!

Pardon my mixed language please.

Hari ni dah masuk minggu ke empat bercuti di rumah sebelum memulakan langkah belajar semula. 
Empat minggu ni kau buat apa? - tanya ex-boss saya tempoh hari.

Hurm.. susah nak jawab. 

Tapi rasanya cuti kali ni memang betul-betul memaksimakan kemalasan yang datang bertimpa-timpa.

Serius rasa sangat letih terutama awal cuti haritu? Kenapa? Thanks to my hyperemesis gravidarum (alahan). Muntah like a routine 5-6x per day. Hungry but cant eat as much as I like macam sebelumnya. The only thing I glad is I loss nearly 5 kilogram in a blink of eyes. lol


alhamdulillah, my prayer is granted - We 're going to be a parent, yeay! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) 

In spite of that, I still manage to catch some little hobbies that I missed before. 

marathon k-Drama ( I love Start-up.omg. #teamjipyeong) 
reading lots of books
some shopping online
following my life partner going around his work
and many more...

But in real, banyak je plan lagi nak buat tapi tak terbuat jugak. oh no!

dan semalam orinetasi kelas master dah bermula. 
Kelas online akan start 7hb ni rupanya. 
Ingatkan 14hb. 

I'm so nervous. Being the only one in the class who never work in blood bank per say  ( I did 4 years handling some basic tranfusion unit only in district non specialist hosp with some attachment here n there), I can say I am the most muggle in the group. 

And hearing the passing exam rate is super low last year, it totally freak me out. 
Nevertheless, i must put extra 200% effort for it. 
(with this pregnancy some more... baby, teman mommy k? We can do this!)
chaiyok chaiyok! 
please pray for me!

Hopefully in 4 years time, we will be graduating successfully and becoming a good specialist in the future. ( I even dreaming to join edu comm to create more TMS course in the future lol)

ok, cukup dulu sampai sini.

We need to properly plan our plan.
Baru terang nak buat apa lepas ni. 

see ya later!


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