Sejenis ke-dongeng-an yang merapu.
Ya, mengarut
Tapi malangnya tetap juga tersangkut.
Melekat, cannot move on. 

Cerita yang agak lari dari klise. Tapi satu lah. Script dia memang thumbs up! Macam puisi. 
Memang terkenan lah pada penggila puisi macam saya. Terasa dah macam ala-ala cerita Indonesia pula , dari sudut puitisnya tu. Ayat-ayat dia best. Puisi dia, monolog dia, setiap wish dia macam asyik sangat bila dengar. The way dia convey about life, death and love tu refreshing.

“Fate is a question that I ask someone. And the answer… is something you must find yourselves” 

That day, missing soul walked through the tears of someone. Tides of time got carried away by the rainfall. It was a very long rain. Missing soul left this world without a guardian after leaving one behind – a very lonely & beautiful guardian

“Why didn’t you create a world without sin in the first place?” she asks.
He answers, “Then nobody would look for the Almighty.”

“There is no life that deserves to die.”

“Every human dies at some point, that’s why life is even more beautiful… The first thought I had once I got my memory back was to live each day as if it were my last. If today is my last day, this will be my final memory of the person I love so I’d better live hard and love”


nice, isn't it?

Bila dah jumpa cerita yang level tinggi macam ni, dah mula rasa cerita lain semua tak seronok dah. Haih.

*goblin withdrawal syndrome*

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