Just be a better you

Robert John Meehan on being a better teacher.:

you can do it, girl~!

do not compare your 1st year of walking with their 10 years of running. 

Hello Hujan

Hai Hujan..

Dulu waktu 5 posting terawal di wad, kita kan kawan baik,
Setiap kali kau datang, terasa aman macam harapan.
Tak kisah lah sibuk mana
tetap akan jadi tenang
sedamai buaian di lautan

Sampai kita kerja di zon warna lampu isyarat, 
entah kenapa kau macam dingin
seram sejuk setiap kali kau terbang
berdebar berpeluh hati bertendang tendang
apa bala kes kes yang nak datang

sekarang lain
 aku kerja serentak di keduanya
cuma tempat utama yang berbeza

jadi, kau datang kali ini
sebagai apa? 

mohon jangan putuskan silaturrahim kita.

a blissful deed

Remember who created all that you see and all that you have .. he has given this gift to you personally... Give thanks to our Lord.!:

Despite my entire week in hospital was full of critical case and news, I saw 2 beautiful lights..

1. My critically ill cousin who fell sick, intubated and in dire need of a very rare blood ;
she was blessed with a great number of good friends and entire kind hearted nation of Malaysia. Her ill-being was spread like a fire over the news and media. In a short of time, we already had around 10 O-ve blood donor who willing to help her. 
That's so wonderful! 
I wish she can recover faster and see the miracle by herself!

2. I left a bag of books and stationary in the toilet of a very huge mall. It was totally forgotten when we were so happy wondering n shopping around. Since the distance was quite far and we remembered it back only after a day, i thought we will never see it again. 
But hello....! Allah is here! 
We tried our luck to call the manager and guess what? It was there, untouched.. 
So many people went in and out but nobody took it out from the first place. Even the cleaner is suprised. 
Thank you Management Team, Mydin Bukit Mertajam. We owe u a lot. 
And I prayed that all the people who was so truthful and didnt even tried to steal my bag, may Allah blessed you guys with a very great blessing in your life.
You got a great heart! 

I really appreciate all the help
let me be a kind as you
i'll try my best


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