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Originating in Taiwan, 草莓族 (cǎoméi zú, Strawberry Generation) was initially a term describing the post-60s generation in Taiwan. It has  since mutated to describe the post-80s generation in both Taiwan and mainland China. A list of their typical characteristics from Baidu Baike demonstrates why ‘strawberry’ is the chosen fruit for this group of young people:
1. Can’t stand pressure
2. Can’t stand setbacks
3. Low stability
4. Highly educated, but low ability to execute
5. Emphasize appearances, materialism, and pleasure,
6. Individual benefits before group solidarity
7. Glamorous and mature on the outside, but immature on the inside
8. Not good at self-criticism, needs to be sheltered by other people
9. Not easy to comply
10. Low practical skills despite their diploma
The appearance of the Strawberry Generation in mainland China is attributed to the one child policy. In most families, a single child receives mountains of over-attention and cloying amounts of care from their parents, and thus later become vulnerable and soft, like strawberries. As they step into the real world, the poor little darlings can’t hack it, and are quick to go crying to mummy and daddy- poor things. Presumably their parents, who lived during the Cultural Revolution when sh*t got real, are mortified at raising such soft little fruits, who live in a time of plenty.
However, the 80s generation disagree with this belittling thesis; they cite unaffordable living, low salaries, high unemployment, crushed dreams and perpetual compromise as bugbears, when talking about their generation.
More and more graduates are forced to become salesmen, despite their non-occupational college degrees. Taiwanese band Mayday continue the fruity metaphor, singing: “Who are you calling Strawberry Generation? You are the Durian Generation. Harmful and stubborn; you hurt me, and ask me not to cry.”
They look chic and sophisticated. They are soft and get hurt easily. They seem unbearably spoiled and can’t take much pressure. They are the so-called “Strawberry Generation”.


The term was coined by a Taiwan writer in one of her books about office rules. It referred to the post-60s generation of office workers, who grew up in a protected environment and got easily bruised – just like strawberries – by life’s lightest knocks.


This expression is now finding its way to the mainland, and refers to young workers, of only-child families, who have been active in the workforce for just a year or two. They are generally well-educated, but are self-centered and place too much importance on appearance and material comforts.


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