How to survive HO?


It's my second day in the hospital. Nothing much. We are still in the orientation phase. Going around the 'borang-borang' department - xray, blood, etc - to get a full picture of how the procedure is done.

Recess time is still as leisure as a penganggur. We can sit nicely and eat our lunch like forever.

Maybe this is our last time, our last happy week before becoming a true H.O - who always came in the first week grinning like a kid and end up very serabut and gloomy on the coming week - said one of the admin here. Easy to recognise, huh?   T_T

Very well.

So to use our precious 'masa-masa terakhir' ni, we went to visit our previous department during the elective course. Luckily some of them still remember us. But our beloved HOD [head of department] was not there. It took about few hours of jalan-jalan cuci mata (terlajak sampai Sunway Carnival) when suddenly we met her by chances along the ward corridor!

Talking. Reminiscing. Sharing updates. Asking for tips. blablabla.

until suddenly....

Us : Dr, ada cara tak, nak bagi tak cepat rasa down?

Her : You ada usrah? 


Definitely a bang!


Tak tahu nak kata apa.

Terus rasa macam wohohoo...., doesn't it sound like one big peringatan from Him?

Go girl, Usrah rock!

 eh. hehe...

HOD yang busy pun boleh survive dengan usrah, apesal kita yang HO tak boleh?

may Allah help us later,

** Sejak tersangkut dengan pakcik al-manar punya English blog yang sangat sedap dibaca, tetiba craving nak baca novel literature English.. I miss Jane Austen!  Plus, tetiba jugak rasa English ku sungguh taraf sekolah rendah. Huwaa... *study!*

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Anonymous | November 14, 2013 at 3:28 AM

Keep updating your blog, looking forward to reading your daily life stories as a Houseman. Best of luck anyway.

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