Angry Fish

If I am a fish
how can I complete your wish
for me to CLIMB the tree
when I know I didn't even have the knee ?

Can't you be you,
and I be me? 

[Auriss Haira 18Oct2013 Uitm]

Been wondering since few days ago, should I share about my personal life in this blog? A few people had came to my life nowadays and make me ponder about this act of mine. But isn't this blog is already a personal blog once? 

If I didn't share about my personal view which might include my personal life, then why bother to make a blog? Copy and paste? It's not that fun. Plus, a heavy type of article and discussion is really not my cup of tea. I also don't have a specific kind of genre. So, it might be best to say that this is only my random rant and anything circling around my world.

I do care to share. And this is how I manage my sharing session.

I'm not a famous writer nor a great philosopher.

Nor I as incredible as you, to write something that I know I can't do

I did try my best to give my friends a.k.a my reader to gain something benefit from this site.

It might not a good one for you but it may touch the others.

So, could you please consider about this matter, sir?

Do respect and may Allah grant us the best in this world and hereafter... 

** Maybe I'm  just a bit paranoid of how you see me here, but let me just make it clear. For my own sake. 

[ Yang penting, saya harapkan moga setiap yang ditulis di sini ada saham pemberat di alam sana buat kita. Aminnnnn...~]

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