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Untuk abah tersayang!

11 MAC 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!  (^_^)/

~ Since tactic kasi cake suprise dah buat kat mama, this time Arina buat style lain plak ~

 Kenduri selamat version paling ringkas dan mudah
Beli kek, then kasi kawan-kawan makan
Sambil baca doa yang baik-baik untuk abah
( yang tengah baca ni, doakan sama ya.)

walaupun abah jauh, harapnya doa-doa kami tetap sampai jugak. =)

Abah, I'm praying a birthday prayer for you,
Peace and happiness in all you do.
Ya Allah, my father gave his all for me,
I pray You'll hear my extra special plea:
Keep him safe so he can still be near;
Ya Allah, my father is so very dear.
Role model, an extraordinary man,
He's my dad and I'm his biggest fan.
Dad, I'm praying to Allah for you
That He will give you all the good you're due.

Because we really-really love you! 

Last but not least,
(copy paste sebab takde idea. hihi. But at least, this one share the same thing I want to say)

Dad My Gift

I'm so happy for being,
your daughter and friend.
A few words of love,
I'd just like to send.

You've been a super dad,
that I truly adore.
Positively encouraged,
life to explore.

You would always notice,
when I was bitter or down.
Knew how to end,
my silence and frown.

Genuinely cared,
with love and concern.
Lessons of life,
you taught me, I'd learn.

I always enjoy,
spending time with you.
We share philosophies,
and a similar view.

Some days we argued,
and weren't agreeing.
But you still looked out,
for my safety and well-being.

For a girl like me,
you're like a million gifts.
By the mere sight of you,
my spirit just lifts.

-doakan Arina dekat sini~-
- I hope the precious hidden-among-chocolates gift arrived this week-

* Aiman, happy belated birthday jugak 8 February aritu. Sorry, kak ina tak sempat nak buat wish special dekat sini. Never mind. Balik nanti kak ina belanja lain. Okeh. Jangan merajuk~ hehe.

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