Yusuf ; my therapist


Have you ever felt so useless or hopeless?
Like nothing is going as you planned....

Have you ever think that life is unfair?
You've tried but nothing good happen...

Have you ever once want to rebel to Allah?


"Yes I know Allah controls everything, why did he have to do this to me?
Why did I have to go through these problems?
 If allah controls everything why can't Allah help me again?
 Why did my family member have to die?
Why did this have to happen?
why did that have to happen?
What have I ever done to deserve this?"

Listen for a while..

 ~ Have you heard of the story behind the making of Yusuf a.s.? ~

It is no a simple story of Yusuf like what we have heard in school.
It's what you should know about Yusuf behind all the ayaat in the surah.

These are not just stories of people that died a long time ago,
these stories are alive in our lives.

Why did Allah leave this child inside the well? 
Why would Allah let his brothers do that?
 Why would Allah let him get kidnapped? 
Why would Allah take him away from his lovely father?

~ The Answer ~

Allah had something in this for us.

 If the messenger SAW is being given  counsel through Surah Yusuf,
you can definitely get something from it too..


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