Pre- Neuro Exam


Terbangun jam 3 pagi lepas tersentak dapat mimpi hari ni dah exam neuro! padahal baca pun tak habis lagi, nak menghafal semua apatah lagi. Soalan past years pun tak sempat nak tengok  Bila masa lah  tertidur semalam nih?~ Haih...~ *Sakit jantung* 

Sebab terkejut sangat, habis geledah pelbagai sumber kalendar untuk memastikan hari ni bukan hari exam. Komputer, handset, diary, jadual, internet. *laju macam kilat check* Fuh, okeh selamat. Ada lagi sehari. Jom pecut! Tengahari nih kena pergi buat marathon last study group macam biasa.

Dalam jam 3.30 pagi, selak satu lecture note tajuk ROUND NOTES. Muka surat 6.

Ternampak satu list panjang pathology Primary Peripheral Nervous System....

  • Brachial Plexus Lesion (apesal macam tak ingat)
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (macam pernah dengar)
  • Phantom Limb (ok..)
  • Causalgia (huh?)
  • Meralgia Paraesthetica (ha?)
  • Morton's Neuroma (mende nih?)
  • Charchot-Marrie-Tooth disease (*garu kepala*)
  • Dejerine Sottas Syndrome (*check internet*)
  • Refsum's Syndrome (erk..)
  • Morvan Syndrome (iskk..)
  • Thomsen Disease (gulp..)
  • Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (xde nama senang sket ke)
  • Shy-Drager Syndrome (apakah ini?)
  • Olivopontocerebellar atrophy (*pening*)
  • Nemaline myopathy (*semi conscious*)
  • Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (*pengsan!*)

Walaupun doktor tak pernah sebut dalam kelas dan dia banyak suruh baca sendiri, boleh tak nak mengamuk sebab banyak sangat nama pelik-pelik dalam lecture notes nih yang terlupa nak baca dulu? Ni baru satu page, belum page lain lagi. Belum semua lecture notes lagi. 

Esok exam!! T_T

Sempat ke nak hafal banyak2 nih??  *seizure*
(tapi sempat lagi nak men-stress dalam blog. hoho =/ )


Rileks. Rileks. Rileks.

Semua orang lepas je Neuro, Ainul. Abaikan orang yang pernah dapat 0 terus tu. Jangan ingat. Jangan ingat. Ko bedal je lalu nanti. Yang penting habiskan baca, try buat latihan mana yang boleh, malam ni soal jawab dengan yang lain. Marathon.Marathon. Esok exam pukul 12. Sempat je lagi insyallah. AMin. Amin. AMin... 

(Dah pukul 8. Ada lagi 6 lecture note. Yosh!) 

Ok, sambung baca~

p/s: Doakan saya please! 


( Selingan tengah-tengah study sambil tunggu adik runners datang bawak borang pencalonan pilihanraya permai) - Dari Sini 


- You take forever explaining to people how long you’ll be in school for, and realise you’ll get a medical doctor title the same time your friend gets a PhD doctor title. (TRUE)

- You contemplate anything between dropping out and suicide after you finish each exam, even before knowing the results.  (NOPE!)

- You get depressed and emotional just thinking about how bad a doctor you’ll become in a few years. (YEZ!)

- You answer every question with, “Hmm (pretending to think for a second), I don’t know.” And you know the most correct answer is, “It depends, sir.”  (SOMETIMES)

- You diagnose every single abnormality on yourself/family/friends as a life-threatening condition. You think the tiny haematoma on your finger is a risk for PE (Pulmonary Embolism). (In due time XD)
 (NO LAH!)

- You watch House and ER, and think you can score in the exams and get through medical school. Wrong, only Dr.Wikipedia helps. (HAHA. I DO)

- You instantly feel that you want to bang your head against the wall whenever someone says “You’re a medical student? You must be very smart then!”, because it’s an unbearable accusation. 
(VERY THE TRUE! rasa macam nak tumbuk je orang tu )

- Your friend/cousin zooms in front of you with his brand new car and treats you to lunch with his own paycheck and on top of that, talks about property and houses to buy. And you’re still struggling to buy second hand reference books.  (DID I?)

- You have exams in a few days and when you try doing practice questions, you don’t know what to do with your pen besides underlining the key words in the question.  (HAISHHH!)

- Conversations with people involve “So tell me what happened.”, “So how does that make you feel?”, and “I understand it must be very difficult for you.” (BINGGO!)

- You have a peak moment in life when a senior says “good” or “well done”; it’s so relieving to know you’re not a complete drain on society.  (MUAHAHA. YES! YES!)

- You’re content knowing that you actually do lead a normal and sane life. Even if it’s just a few hours in a day, while you’re asleep. (AY.AY.CAPTAIN!)

- You’re completely socially retarded when you hang out with non-medics as you don’t know what to talk about besides your miserable life as a medical student.  (I THINK I'M STILL A SOCIALISTA!)

- A patient/doctor asks if you’ve done a procedure before (e.g. cannulation, suturing) and you say “Yes”, without revealing the fact that the previous patients were plastic models. (NAAAA~)

- You don’t understand why summer vacation is only one month, although summer itself is three months. (BLAME MY SPARTAN UNIVERSITY!)

- You wash your hands after meals and the loo using the 6-step technique. (NOT...YET!)

- You’re secretly happy that the really smart guy stopped medical school and start complotting who next to eliminate. Just so the normal distribution skews to the left so you won’t fail. (CAN I?)

- Your roommate, housemate, neighbour, boyfriend, girlfriend, any close friends and practically everybody are not spared from being your simulated patient.  (=d)

- You can’t wait for weekends, so that you can catch up on your readings. (BLURFFF~)

- You have a list of pathologies that you don’t mind dying from. Definitely not cancer though. (YEP!)

- You count the days till your next more-than-two-days-weekend-break, which is at least 4 months away. (OF COURSE! )

- “SOB” means short of breath to you.  (IT'S DEPENDS, SIRE *rujuk no.4*)

- You know the size of a RBC. (I KNOW IT IS IN THE MICROB BOOK~)

- Your eyesight has worsened by 10 pts or more in the last year. (YAA..)

- It doesn’t matter how much you study, there is always so much more material to learn. 

- You are more familiar with last names such as Netter, Moore, Grant, Guyton, Robbins, etc than the last names of your classmates.

- You wonder when you’ll have time to get married and start a family. (*KUIS JARI DEKAT LANTAI*)

- You check the nutritional chart in the boxes of everything you eat.
(OMG! *angguk2*)

- Right before exams, you have a hard time remembering why you want to be a doctor. 
(IS IT LIKE.... . right NOW?)

- ER begins to make sense (YADA YADA YADA)

- Getting a B is actually pretty darn good.Passing is already very good (KAN? KAN?)

- You often mumble to yourself, “F***! Am I supposed to know that?” as soon as you see or hear about some disease/symptom/sign that you completely have no clue about. Then you blame it on the professor for not teaching you that.

eh, adik runners dah sampai! pukul 8.30 dah.


Doakan esok!
*Ainul dah tak betul*


kak mah | April 14, 2012 at 1:06 AM

insyaallah,boleh jawab semuanya.

-hazen | April 14, 2012 at 8:51 AM

You answer every question with, “Hmm (pretending to think for a second), I don’t know.” And you know the most correct answer is, “It depends, sir.”

saya tergelak.

sebab baru tadi member sebelah tanya soalan, dan saya buat seperti yang diatas.

Ainul Arina Madhiah | April 20, 2012 at 11:59 AM

kak mah:
aminnnnnnnnnn. =)

tahniah, anda memang student medik! ^^

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