Salam everyone

Enough with Distorted December!

Alhamdulillah this weekend is superb~

Attend a wonderful birthday party
Having a great vacation with BKAN Mutiara to Aqabah  (love the beach!)
Bought a lot of chocolates and presents for the family in Aqabah -  the heaven of shopping
Win a lucky draw 
Attend a hilarious Debate Seminar
Conduct a Poem Seminar with cool juniors
Got a great token of appreciation
Manage to sleep for a long hours without any disturbances
Changed my blogger template to a new one
And having a holiday while the others have to go to school

(maybe lepas ni nak geledah blog sikit nak update about travel buddies and so on. Then, study la sebab langsung tak ngadap buku dah 3 hari nih. hehe)

* between these occasions, there were times I feel down without any good reason. But now I don't really think about it much. Why should I care about those bad whispering from the evil? I should be more understanding about the world, right?Live my life the fullest! Search for the happiness and avoid the sadness  *

Do you know how to find the happiness? Or maybe how to find you heart?

Carilah hatimu di tiga tempat. Pertama, sewaktu bangun membaca Al-Quran. Jika tidak ditemui, carilah ketika kamu mengerjakan solat. Jika tidak ditemui juga, carilah ketika duduk bertafakur mengingati mati. Jika tidak ditemui juga, maka berdoalah kepada Allah dan pintalah hati yang baru. Kerana hakikatnya pada ketika itu kamu tidak mempunyai hati.” Imam Al-Ghazali

(I got it from KS during our whining session about the cocpycat problems. hehe. Tq akak! Seriously I'm doing all these thing nowadays. And surprisingly it really works! )

My health? O it's getting better..~ Thanks for the wishes. ^^


Like! Like! Like!

And now I feel so happy and free...! 

I'm looking for the New Year Eve. There is something to be done at that day  just like last year~ ^^,

See ya!

p/s: There are another week of December before the ending of 2011. I think a lot of entry are about to come. Haha. Well, I do write a lot when I'm in a great mood. I love it. 


somebody | December 26, 2011 at 7:11 AM

bring me lots of chocs ok(stony chocs,assorted chocs etc)...lots and lots of them....!!!! ermmmm yummyyyyy

BlueEwoke | December 27, 2011 at 4:20 AM

Wah best nye study di Jordan..bapa lama lagi kat sana??:)

Ainul Arina Madhiah | December 27, 2011 at 6:57 AM

ni antara 3 orang je nih - asyraf, amira, tak pun aiman. haha :

tunggu bulan enam tahun depan.. err tu pun kalau kak ina tak kelaparan sampai habiskan semua dulu lah. hikhikhik... =p

kak chawana:
saya ada lagi setahun setengah. insyallah june 2013 habis. napa? nak datang ke? jom2 =D

Anash | December 27, 2011 at 6:58 AM

ayat sume tuh memang cantik susunan dan ertikata...
akak suka...

Ainul Arina Madhiah | December 27, 2011 at 7:08 AM

kak anash:

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