Sanguine Phlegmatic


Tadi saja teringin nak buat. Cuba 5 kali dekat setiap web yang berbeza. Hasilnya konsisten 4 web beri jawapan yang sama..~

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Sanguine Phlegmatic

50 Sanguine, 7 Melancholy, 29 Choleric, 50 Phlegmatic
The peaceful fun presence that makes every outing pleasant.
The simplicity of a child in complex situations.
The stability to stay straight on the course.
The creativity and charm to color a drab day.
The positive agreeableness that makes groups work.
The enthusiasm and energy to start over and over again.
The patience to put up with provokers & listen while others have their say.
The gift of mediation, uniting opposing forces & creating peace.
The gift of humor & joy for every situation.
The will to live in such a way that even your enemies can't find anything bad to say about you.

( tapi still the weakness of Sanguine Phlegmatic person sangatlah berlambak-lambak -_-') 

[ greatness + weakness of this kind of personality saya malas nak letak sini semua. Kang saya perasan bagus dan saya segan sebab banyak teruk jugak. Huhu. Cari sendiri kalau teringin nak baca ya] 

Yang penting, mereka kata :

This is the most pleasant personality combination. You are warm, easy going, friendly. You are great with people, and people love hanging out with you. The beauty of being a Sanguine Phlegmatic is that many of a Phlegmatic's weaknesses are balanced by the Sanguine nature, and many Sanguine excesses are tempered by Phlegmatic stability. For example, phlegmatic's are notoriously hard to get excited, but sanguine's are naturally enthusiastic. And sanguine's tend to have poor follow through, but phlegmatic's are dilligent and work at a steady pace. In other words, your two types balance each other out making you super awesome. 

Untuk penambahbaikan, katanya :
Maybe try starting flashy, and then delegating to others! Or have a considerate melancholy-choleric who'll hold you accountable to having follow-through. 

Oh really? =)

Tak kisah lah... 
Tapi game ni fun!

Anda macam mana?

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