To See The World Through His Eyes


Hear the silence shout,
highest praise
God to You alone
All creation waits
On Your every word
Where time and heaven meet

Let me see forever
With eyes You've opened
Standing in the beautiful light
Hold me near
Hold me near to You
And let me see the world through Your eyes

In this perfect hour
I am changed
I'll never be the same
Help me follow You
And keep in time with the sound
Of heaven in me

Let me see forever
With eyes You've opened
Standing in Your beautiful light
Hold me near
Hold me near to You
And let me see the world through Your eyes

Hide me in Your love again
Let me hear the songs of Your heart 

I've stumbled upon this meaningful lyric of a song which I believed that it has happened to be one of my wish lately.

To be able to constantly being in a good shape of mind and soul seems quite difficult, at least for me. I'm easily distracted by my surrounding. The people, the atmosphere, the technology and everything. 

Let say if I do feel that I am now in a state of high level of Iman, it is not impossible that after a few hours I'll be back to have such a huge inferiority upon other's goodness and sometimes I may feel I'm not good enough to be with them - I mean the good people.  And the worst part is -  the "Should I back off? " phrase which always keeps haunting me.

Plus, the devil inside also doesn't always behave. It throws tantrum a lot and I admit that I'm struggling to keep myself good and controlling my own body. 

Truthfully, I'm a bit jealous to those who success in being a good Muslim constantly. To keep seeing the world in the eyes of tarbiyah is not as easy as ABC. Me myself, the graph is just like an ECG. To many curve - up and down, slopes and bells. I don't even know why. My own mess maybe..

But lucky me,

Even though it seems to be like I'm-not-quite-a-good-girl, Thanks to Allah for keep bouncing me back to Him. Every time I lost the sparks, He lit it back. Hundred times per day, maybe. He never failed to keep showing me the right path even when my stubborn mule head start to be in action. I'm glad He never stop believing in me. I never knew His plan but I do believe He knows which the best for me.

I don't think I'm the only one in the world has this problem, am I?

So friends (and me myself),
Don't give up! No matter what has happened, just keeps believe in Him. Come back. We might feel that we are the worst creature on earth but that is just our own unique test given by Him. Once we managed to go through it, we still can be the one that He loved. Yup, it's true! 

Let us pray that once He opened our eyes to see His greatness in our lives, may it always be like that forever with us.

Allah knows best.


See ya!

- Monologue 2.30 in the morning - 


Anonymous | July 12, 2011 at 9:22 PM

Nice article.
Congratulation, for trying to be bilingual, trilingual, tetralingual......
Practice make perfect.
Waiting for more.......

Ainul Arina Madhiah | July 13, 2011 at 4:43 AM

abah, tq tapi still ARina rasa macam my english dah merudum macam budak sekolah rendah! baca buku novel English rasa mcam jauh sgt level dgn diri sendiri... -_-'

Doakan ya! ^^,

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