My Mom is A FOB

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Semalam dalam sejarah,

1. tengah-tengah bengang dengan pesakit yang tak kasi kerjasama, terus duduk dan bukak buku ni dan dalam masa tak sampai seminit gelak macam orang gila tengah hospital. Haha

2. waktu tengah-tengah hot and spicy dengan seorang hamba Allah nih, tiba-tiba terdetik dalam hati "Tak nak marah2!" so terus bukak buku dalam bas dan in a few second dah gelak sama-sama dia. Dia gelak lagi dasyat. Haha

3. time tengah termenung sorang-sorang tunggu orang datang, tetiba tersengih tergelak-gelak sebab teringat buku ni sampai orang lalu sebelah tegur "ko gelak apesal tiba-tiba?"

Mana taknya.....

Babak satu dalam buku:

Me : Damn! I feel like crap!
Mom : Really? I feel like shrimp!

Babak dua dalam buku:

My friend's mom visited my house from Asia. She was trying to train my dog, Monday...

"Shit, Monday, shit !" --> Korean pronounce S as Sh

Babak tiga dalam buku:

A letter from my mom

Dear Mei, how are you? I didn't see you in Skpye on past two days. Is everything fine? I will try to spyke you online if you open your computer.I will leaveBali this morning amd arrival on Taipei around 7pm. I have a very good vacation with Bali Island. Bye.

Babak empat dalam buku:

KFC employee: Welcome to KFC. Can i take your order ma'am?
Mom : Can i have one bucket of chicken?
KFC empolyee : Sure! White or dark meat, ma'am?
Mom : Duck? I don't want duck! I want chicken!

Babak lima dalam buku:

I was at a college career fair and was in the midst of an engaging conversation with the admissions officer of the school I was MOST interested in.

Mom: Oh…I see…Well, will my daughter be about to afford this prostitution?
About a second later:
Admissions officer: Well, yes, we have a lot of … scholarships … though there ARE nice jobs on campus you can take to support yourself.

And last but not least ----> You made a sweet shower (instead of sour)! Thanks for your hostility (instead of hospitality)..

Aduhhh.. Boleh telentang gelak baca buku nih..!

Pernah je sampai blog penulis dia dulu. Mula-mula ada rasa sikit offensive la sebab gaya dia macam nak memalukan mak dia. Tapi bila baca balik dia punya intro, rupanya ini adalah cara dia say love kepada mak dia. She is proud of her mom! (with a little bit shame too.. hehe)

" Our moms were unintentional comedy gold mines and we set out to create a space for other first-generation Asian Americans to share their experiences to be on the recieving end of that amazing, unconditional and sometimes misspelled love "

Great book! ^^,
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