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It's already end of Thursday! ^_^

Since it is one of my favourite days, alhamdulillah today it has been blessed with a very good starting and ending.

Well, first I got up earlier than before just to cook some dishes for today's dinner since i will may be come home late at night. I had this some of senses to changed my habit of just buying fast food when i got busy at night and cannot be at home. It is quite interesting to cook as early as possible (even before adzan Subuh) because suprisingly i managed to get focus and not sleepy anymore.

Done with cooking and praying, i went for some study. Opss, not just SOME. I managed to finish more than some notes which i never done before (studying early in the morning)except during exams. Maybe because i received an email saying that there will be an OSCE simulation today. So the nervousness had made me took about an hour to finish all of notes(some) just in the morning.

Then i dressed up and had my breakfast and quickly decided to just went to the university with my friend (half an hour earlier than before) to discuss about OSCE together since i was bored in the house. We managed to finish 3 topics together in the bus.

As i reached the hospital, again i chose to take history with Mahera & Arina & Akmal which mean i am the only one from my group to take the case (Never done this before too. I always be with an Arab and at least formed a group with 3 of my A1 members). I enjoyed it very much than before because this time i didn't have to depend to the Arabs to help me much. Plus, i did quite a lot of preparation at home with the notes and the questions, so it was easy and interesting!

When the doctor of the day came (Dr Musa Malkawi), he decided to take my case which means i had to present it alone (which i never dare to do that before). But suprisingly i didn't scared at all. I just miss one question and the whole things was just fabulous and perfect. Even the doctor praised me up for giving such a good history taking with enough diffential diagnosis that he wanted from us. It had been a long time since i was asked to do so. =D

Even in cafe, one of the worker there was so nice at us and gave us lot of portion than others due to some conflict of choosing that i and my friend had. He asked us to divide all of them fair and square for each of us. Thanks!

However, when i was really ready to be in the exam simulation (getting better than before in arabic and question to ask), there was an announcement saying that it has been postpone. Oh no! But never mind. There will be no class too. So i could go home and got some rest earlier! ^^,

In the evening, i had a feast with my PINTAR group which also formed by a few of my batches from other rotation (Aliaa, Atiqah, Arina, Mahera, Belle, and Wan Aleen). It has been a long time since we have time to eat and to chat as relax as this moment. It was so hilarious. Everyone wanted to shared their experience in ward. Opss, it was still medic thingy~ hehe..

After being with PINTAR, i had another gathering with other sisters in my residence area. As been with PINTAR, we chat, we ate, we update one another and etc. It just like the whole night was done with meeting people and got some socializing activity together. Love it!

And last but not least, i had this one conversation with a friend on how to be better in life. Specifically in friendship. As you know, each of us here will spend our life for at least about 5 or 6 years together. It is not easy to maintain the harmony when everyone will have their own moment of depressed and one may hurt oneself accidentally.

There are many ways to get hurt by others. I even found this beautiful poem regarding this matter in the internet.

Sticks and stones are hard on bones.
Aimed with angry art,
Words can sting like anything.
But silence breaks the heart.

Well, i have a lot of that experiences before, too. The worst is the silence. It is creepy and haunting me each second of my life. I hate it. But most of the time i find out that it was the biggest challenge for me since i need to shot in the dark to find the solution.

But by being happy and at peace for the whole day like this one, i can see through a lot of things clearly in a different views. No excessive emotion. No worries and no assumption. The best thing is i manage to direct myself to see only the solution, not those who need to be accused or else. Alhamdulillah~

So dear friend,
I know that silence is also a speech
but still
it is open to gross misinterpretation,
it is a text easy to misread,
and it propagates itself,
the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say.

" Silence will save me from being wrong (and foolish), but it will also deprive me of the possibility of being right. "

Do correct me if i'm wrong~ =D

See you again. May Allah bless us all today. Amin..~

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