A virus!

Nothing in the world is as scary as being infected by virus. They disturb the whole system of the host. Either human or computer, once the virus get inside - situation will be worse.

Medical fact said that viral infection could lead to an itchy and burning sensation. As on fire, people cannot stand still. Plus, it is systemic - which means the whole body will get involved~

Why did people get scared of this creation?

Because they can replicate, mutate and independent in terms of not being limited to a single organism as host! As if nothing in the world can hold them from anything~

Pretty strong isn't it?

But what would it be if we manipulate them to be in our motivation? And our passion?

Put it in a positively state of kind.

Just imagine how a virus of motivation and passion will turn us to be so definite and desired to achieve our dreams. How burning we'll be to get to the destination of the success as if we'll die of suffocation if we cannot achieve them? Nothing can stop us from our mission.And the dreams and the hopes will replicate over and over till it fulfill our life as long as we live - till we get what we want. =)

That is so beautiful ~~~~~~~~

Oh virus, come and get me! щ(゚Д゚щ)
Bring me to the state of highest passion to get my dreams~ *Ay!Ay! Captain!*

If Kang Mae live greatly due to the Beethoven Virus,
then let me fly high with the infection of Iman & Addeen Virus too~

Soar and achieve the success! In Dunia wal Akhirah~

Yosh! Fighting!


aisyahrkh7 | July 14, 2010 at 5:54 PM

ada virus baik!!
ada virus jahat!!

nima | July 15, 2010 at 11:46 AM

'denyut kasih medik' patutnya. haha..

em. ada2. tapi.. skin n intan dah tempah nak baca dulu. tapi xde la diorg nak baca skrg sebab tgh busy nak exam. t izzah tanya diorg dulu eh.

em pastu nak blom balut lagik. t dah balut n tnye mereka2 izzah bgtau ea. ^^

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