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As a book addict, I've found out that the high price of book in Malaysia and even Jordan was really irritating. It really drives me a hard bargain.

But Bahrain seems like heaven, even though not as much as UK. The duty free bookshop in the airport is so cool! I can get the latest thick-type-of-novel just by 6JD which is quite impossible to get in Jordan. That's how my friend and i end up buying a few novels as much as we can there including this one which I'll shared with you guy here.

Actually I've finish reading this good book entitled 'Handle With Care' by Jodi Picault. The book is really good! It is about a difficult life of a family with a child suffering a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).

Since I've learned about them in MSS, it was exciting to get through the whole fact again by reviewing the story. I bet you know how I enjoy study and grab things better in form of story like in House drama or even novels than the dead end fact in the medicine books.

Besides good style of informing the reader about OI, this book also has a few things that make me stuck with it till the end.

1) The character in the book have a similarity to me in the aspect of having a disable family member. Truthfully it took a great patience to deal with, as a parent or a sibling. I kept remembering my late sister through the whole book. But thanks God, my family didn't have to get through a difficult financial problems like the character which ends her up suing her OB doctor a.k.a her best friend stating that it happens due to malpractice- which actually they had been doing that to get money for the sake of the OI child.

2) One of the main character in the book is a OB doctor. I also had a dream to be one. I already know that OB doctor will always having risk to meet few famous ethical medical problem involving life but i never take them seriously yet. But this book had make me think over it all again. The ethical thingy is quite depressing, i guess. It requires strong heart to face the reality and keep the emotion hide. How us women, can deal with tears of mothers-to-be who is really hard to get pregnant but then have to terminate their own child due to medical issue? It is hard! Plus, i bet the fiqh issue will also add to the stress.

3) The worst thing a doctor can imagine to get in is malpractice. I had watch few of them before but i never heard a case of wrongbirth. Wrongbirth means the baby should not be born! If the doctor let it be, than it was the doctor's mistake. What a ridiculous issue~ However sometimes, the laws are siding the parent due to few cases like this book. If I'm the jury, i also think that this type of case (the book) is quite challenging to be judged. Both have their own difficulties and i were very sympathy to both of them, the mother ( i hate her at first but i can't resist to love her at the end) and the doctor. However, i think medical law is really interesting - to be prepared of.

4) The mother of the child is a pastry baker. It seems so beautiful how the author give us analogy of life by comparing life issue with few terms in baking (metaphorical language of baking) like Weeping, Hardball, Proof, Folding, Blind Baking and ect. Some of them sounds alien to me. But it great! I gained new information plus recipes too. Maybe we can try some of them later.

5) There is a quote from the doctor in the book says "we were trained to pick out something that seems not right, not something which seems too right." That is the main point of the doctor's mistake in the book as i read. Too right sometimes means not so right at all. I wonder how many possibilities will arise due to this condition. Does it happen in real life? Sound rare but nothing is impossible. S.C.A.R.Y.

Okay, enough with book review. Overall, i am really satisfy with this book. It is good. (even though the end is not as i hope)

There is an article/letter from a patient of OI to the author of this book. It is good to read through them. The message : Novels sometimes can be 'hyperbola'.

Jodi Picault. Never heard about her before. But now I've google-ed all her book. Mostly, they are about medicine, law and life. She has been the author of 17 best selling books! Cool~ No wonder i can easily fall in love with her writing once i get them. I'm looking forward to read more of her. Later. Insyallah~


# I'm currently waiting for a very-hard-to-get book to arrive in my hand. So much problem has occurs. If it is not because of it's great review from the readers plus it great contents, i'll never buy one like this. Stressful! But thrilling. Can't deny that one. =)

# I got a pile of reports to do and a bunch of slides to read. The exam is around the corner. Yet this summer semester should be treated like holidays since next Sept I'll be going into clinical years which are adventuring yet might be hell. Hoho.

Books.Books.Books.... Opsss, responsibilities and exam come first! Got to go. Bye~


syah | July 15, 2010 at 9:13 AM

average buku Picoult kat M'sia dalam range Rm30-Rm40..lebih kurang kot..

dan cuti hari tu, ad promotion 3 buku picoult dengan harga RM65..(pastu tmbah lagi discount 20% lagi utk MPH member)

m'sia dah makin mesra buku dah semenjak dua menjak nih..

sila lah baca latest novel by Picoult..House Rules..the best kot stakat nih dari Picoult.. (dan pages pun hampir double novel2 biasa dia..)

Ainul Arina Madhiah | July 15, 2010 at 10:29 AM

owh... tapi sayang sket rasanya sbb kat penang seberang/parit buntar takde MPH. Jauh sgt kalau nk pergi pulau/Ipoh pun. Ada popular je paling femes area sini. -_-'

house rule? ada sesiapa ada ke dekat sini selain dari option online? kat amman ada tak? nak tunggu balik malaysia kena tahun depan la nmpknya.

syah | July 15, 2010 at 10:48 AM

oo ade je kat virgin..tapi 16 JD lah..Picoult py yg laen ade gak, range dalam bawah 10jd lah..sini mmg mahal...

ak beli House Rules sem lepas, then abeskan baca kat mesia, pastu terpaksa tinggalkan kat sne sbab beg dah overweight..huhu

Ainul Arina Madhiah | July 15, 2010 at 11:23 AM

kalau cmtu maknanya kena masuk bajet buku bulan depan la mcm nih, bajet buku bulan nih dh habis pakai. huhu. btw, thanks! klu virgin habis, harap2 kat cosmo ada.

nurunnuha | July 24, 2010 at 11:38 AM

hari tu ada ternampak buku ni kat popular. kalau tak fikir buku kat rumah ada yang tak habis baca lagi, dah lama saya grab. hehe. ada satu buku dia saya tengah baca - My Sister's Keeper. best jugak. pasal kakak dia mengidap AML.

I enjoy study and grab things better in form of story like in House drama or even novels than the dead end fact in the medicine books. <- yeah, agreed! sebab rasa santai sikit. ainul, lepas ni boleh la awk tulis apa-apa novel ke pasal any disease. hehe =)

Ainul Arina Madhiah | July 27, 2010 at 5:22 AM

kak nuha:
ainul memang nak cari lagi buku dia. cam best je nak buat koleksi. hehe.
Ha? Kalau nk suruh ainul buat crita camne, means kena berguru lagi nih, Ainul tak reti sangat cerpen2 nih. ;p

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