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Just a quick babbling~
Alhamdulillah, all the systems is over. But the exam is not finish yet. I still got another 2 papers - Management which is tomorrow and Ethics which will be on day after tomorrow.

Since I was pretty tired after having the last killer CNS II exam, i'll take this one for my nap session. Awards from my lovely friends. It has been a long time i didn't do this kind of game. Never mind, let finish it quickly~


One form Arina again, and another one from sis Liyana- my senior in smkant. Thanks girls~

I will combine both question to make it shorter and better. Plus i'll keep the the next receiver part away because i find none in my current mood. So, sorry about that.

So 7+5 things to ramble about myself. *Let me do the update version*

1) I'm in B type of blood which is goal oriented and strong minded. Once I determined, nothing can stop me then. If i say i will, then i'll do.

2) Easily irritated by any kind of insult. However i'm good in taking care of my emotion at a moment. Rational they say but it's sort of shield that i play.

3) I don't like being a burden to anybody. So, if i don't know about anything, i'll ask someone to help me by teaching me how to do it while i'll do it by myself. Except if i don't understand anything even the basic, then feel free to do it for me. :P

4) People say i'm socialist - easy to get along new people. Might be. I don't prefer creepy silence. The more, the merrier, the better!

5) I hate DEBT. I found out people perceptive among those who have a debt is kind of insulting. So, i once promise myself i'll never get myself in any debt anymore even few cents. But still, i'm glad to help others if they have problems in money and i promise i will never treat them like i've been treated before.

6) After few years of involving in a few 'persatuan', i think i'm not a leader type of person. I've prefer to work by my own than asking other's to work for me. And in any meeting, i seldom giving out any idea because i always keep thinking on 'how to do this and that' rather than 'what else can we do'.

7) i prefer to study group rather than individual type. But unfortunately, only a few can stand my style because i am type of always asking people quizzes to ensure i myself remember perfectly about what we are studying. *uhmmm, i wish i have a intellectual robot to always do that without others because they might did not like my way*

8) Love travelling very much. Make me feel free and also some sort of fresh.

9) I love to collect snowball from all around the world. I already have 13 now - for 13 country/places that i've been.

10) Know something? In one of my batch programmes, we have this one video which states our 'trademarks' that people see about us, not from our own point of view. Guess what i get? --> Blogger Tegar, Peta Dunia, Ex-Police <--- Blooger tegar is kind of confusing. Am i that much 'tegar'?. About Peta Dunia, i do love to know about them as i love to travel. And ex-police, that's my ex-position last year. Having a role to take care of people is quite tiring, but suprisingly it really teach me how to take care of others. Love it!

11) I like to help people. But once i asked for help and if they resist not to help, i'll never ask for second time for the same matter. Typical type B, am i? If no one gonna do, i'll do my way or i'll ask others but not you. =)

12) Last but not least, till now i'm quite amaze. Did most of my friend is really nearly graduated? And did some of them is now really working like an adult? And did some of them is really been married and having children? Oh my goodness. Why did i feel that i am still a student who only have to read books and going through exams and the life of adult is still far-far away in the far-away-land? 3 years are still far, right? @_@ haha.. time flies very fast,isn't it? In a blink of eyes, there you are - An adult!


Fuh, at last~~~

Okay, it is 12 o'clock already. Enough of half an hour nap. Now time to sleep. Tomorrow i'll have an exam at 9 o'clock in the morning. Wish me luck. Till then. Bye~


Anonymous | June 16, 2010 at 2:08 AM

weyh tulun2 aku mabuk @_@ (tade kaitan dgn entri haha)

word verification: skillow = skillet (band kegemaran aku + pillow)


aisyahrkh7 | June 16, 2010 at 2:30 AM

sampai skrg ak tatau darah ak jenis ape.. ak takot jarum tp once jarum dh dicucuk kt badan, rupa2nye sakit yg dirasa tak la se'horror' yg dibayangkan..

cane ak nk inject org nti?????

Ainul Arina Madhiah | June 16, 2010 at 6:12 AM

ko beli ubat belum? esok jangan muntah sebelah aku yer. haha...

belakang la inject benda lain dulu... hehe.. adik aku kat rusia dia belajar jahit-menjahit kulit orang kat kulit pisang. try jom, nak? :P

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