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Assalamualaikum (I don't think i have any any lesson included in this entry. ^^,)..

Nothing much to say, just an announcement for those my Jordanian-Malaysian friends who read this blog.

Currently, erm.. nope. Actually for these few weeks being, my mobile had been diagnosed as having a malignant uncapable-to-send-any-sms-oma disease. Totally untreatable!

So guys, please do not expect me to reply your message as soon as possible or maybe forever i guess. huhu. Just call me directly or please be ready to receive any call after you sent your sms ( only if i think it must be important to be replied or else.. )

I've been trying to use the lately but seems the disease had been spread there too. So, first of all for those who didn't get the reply - I'm sorry . And it would be really kind of you if you call me directly for any important purpose due to my declining credit too. Thanks.

Don't worry, the problem will be solve after June. Because i've made a promise only to buy another one in Malaysia. Big task to endure, isn't it? -_-' Never mind. I've learn a lot trough it. Such a long journey to go but now it is nearly Mac. I'm on my way~ (Don't ever mentioning about why. It just a promise and i would like to do so. Done. ^_^)

And to my life savior regarding the phone thingy, thanks a lot! I owe you much~ ^_^

Thanks again for reading a piece of information in this blog.

Erm, I'm doing the first entry in English, i guess.. Maybe due to my sudden increase frighten after realising that middle east student might lost their English capability if they keep being anything that make it be (after my back to school session talk actually). So, anyone? Any progression grammatical error here?

Okay. Got to get off the computer. I think i'm still a week behind from the silibus and i need to catch them up before this weekend end, hopefully with the chilly cold weather. Got to beat the big thick blanket too. Wish me luck! See ya~


kher | February 27, 2010 at 4:46 AM

keep on writing.

sometimes, it's the only way around here to keep your skill intact. even reading lecture notes will make you lost your way around spelling and grammar. such a waste.

have a good day.

Ainul Arina Madhiah | February 27, 2010 at 7:56 AM

senior kher:

totally true! when 'pipe' become 'bibe' and 'here' turn to be 'hear', i do hope my Wernick Area still functioning without any problems there.. huhu.

MaUt | March 3, 2010 at 4:24 AM

malignant uncapable-to-send-any-sms-oma disease -- 1st time akak dgr penyakit ni..

lagi hebat dr akak yang final year ni hehehe

neway, nice touch..blaja rajin2 tata tae care

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